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Top Quality Bicycle Servicing, Repairs and Builds

Hart’s Cyclery is all about the service; with our servicing you can rest assured that your bike or fork will be carefully inspected and serviced to the highest possible standard, no matter which level you choose. Owner and Mechanic Graeme is a Level 3 Mechanic trained by the Cycle Systems Academy, so your bike will be serviced in-line with the highet industry standards. We hate surprises as much as you do: we'll inspect your bike in the first instance and make you fully aware of what parts may need replaced before you take the plunge with a service; we'll also phone straight away if, during the service, something crops up which you may not have expected. All levels exclude the cost of parts (except Grand Tour,which includes the cost of Jagwire inner/outer cables and bearings). All bikes are test-ridden post-servicing. If you have other requirements which do not necessarily fit in with a specific service then please ask (eg. Race Prep etc). At Hart's Cyclery we're happy to put together a bespoke servicing plan taking into account your mileage and riding conditions. To find out which level you need and to request a service please use the contact page or call.

Please note all prices are inclusive of VAT

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Prologue - from £35 - A tune-up service - suitable for clean, well-maintained bikes and ideal for kids' bikes.

• Full safety check.

Wheels - Tyre wear and pressure check.

Brakes - Brake check and adjustment.

Drivetrain - Gear check and adjustment; chain checked and lubricated.

Other repair jobs and component fitting as listed here attract 10% discount* when requested in conjunction with a Prologue service.

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Classic - from £70 - Covers all the bases, without a full-rebuild...

• Full bike wash and degrease.

• Full safety check.

Wheels - Tyre wear and pressure check; hubs checked and adjusted; wheels trued, rims checked for wear.

Brakes - Brake check and adjustment. Cables lubed.

Drivetrain - Chain, cassette and chainset degreased and re-lubricated; gear check and adjustment. Cables lubed.

Headset - Checked for play and adjusted.

Bottom Bracket - Checked for play and adjusted (if adjustable type).

Other repair jobs and component fitting as listed here attract 30% discount* when requested in conjunction with a Classic service. We wont charge for fitting brake blocks/pads, the odd cable and chain/cassette fitting (excluding cost of parts).

*Wheel building, suspension servicing & Hub-gear servicing attract 15% discount.

For ebike servicing, please add £10. For Bosch and Shimano ebikes this includes software update.

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Grand Tour - from £130 - Full service option, comprising total strip down and rebuild (includes new cables)...

• Bike stripped down, frame and all components thoroughly cleaned and re-lubricated. Frame polish applied.

• Full safety check, including alignment check and torque check on reassembly.

Wheels - Tyre wear and pressure check; hubs stripped, degreased, bearings replaced and regreased; wheels trued and spokes tensioned, rims checked for wear.

Brakes - Brakes removed, cleaned and checked; cables (inner and outer) replaced, refitted and adjusted. 

Brakes (Hydraulic)- Brakes removed, cleaned and checked; re-aligned. Brake bleeding recommended, if necessary, additional cost of £10.

Drivetrain - All drivetrain components removed, degreased and re-lubricated; cables (inner and outer) replaced; drivetrain refitted and adjusted.

Headset - Removed, degreased, bearings replaced, regreased and refitted (replacement may be recommended).

Bottom Bracket - Removed, cleaned, bearings replaced (if poss), regreased (if poss) and refitted (replacement may be recommended).

Other - Bar-tape replacement (if applicable) recommended (old tape normally tears when removed).

Other repair jobs and component fitting as listed here attract no charge* when requested in conjunction with a Grand Tour service.

*Wheel building, suspension servicing & Hub-gear servicing attract 20% discount. Frame preparation (tapping/reaming/facing) jobs attract 50% discount.

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Service Course



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Wheel Building - from £30

At Hart’s Cyclery, Graeme takes pride in building the very best wheels. Wheels can be built to any pattern and spec that you require – call or enquire hereto discuss.

From £30 per wheel, labour. We build with Sapim spokes, costs vary depending on spoke model and colour.

See some recent wheel builds here.

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Suspension Servicing - from £20-£75 - Keep your forks and shocks in fine fettle...

At Hart's Cyclery, we can service forks from Fox, Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou, SR Suntour and more. We can also service rear shocks from Fox, Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou and many other brands. Because of the increasingly complex dampers and tooling requirements, we now limit ourselves to lower leg, aircan and dropper servicing. For more complex servicing we use Flotec in Dunkeld, and can take care of it all for you.

Prices vary as shown and include cost of parts (unless stated) which may vary from model to model; price will be agreed beforehand. (Please note, we cannot service the nitrogen damper units on some Fox shocks.)

Fork Lower-Leg Service - £40 (lower legs removed; stanchions, lowers and seals cleaned and inspected; lower oil replaced (damper oil can also be replaced on request for an extra £10 depending on fork).)

Rear Shock Air Can Part Service - £20 (full strip down, clean and inspection; oil/fluid replaced.) - £25 + seals for service and seal replacement.

Rear Shock Air Can Full Service - £30 (full strip down, clean and inspection; all seals replaced, seal kit charged accordingly.)

Rear Shock DU Bushing Replacement - £10 (plus cost of bushings)

Multi-linkage bearing replacement (Four-bar, faux-bar etc) - £75 (plus cost of bearings). This price will vary depending on bearing condition. If your bearings need cut out, we will charge according to additional time taken.

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Custom Bike Build - from £120 - Let us lovingly build your perfect bike.

We can supply everything needed to build the perfect bike and have the expertise and skill to give you the advice and ideas and to build it for you perfectly, including hand-built wheels. We can supply framesets from Cinelli, Focus, Kona and a host of other great brands to be the basis for your perfect bike. Whether you prefer Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo, we're happy with all groupsets and all kit to build just what you want. If you have your own frame and need us to source the parts or if you want to supply everything, we're happy to build that, too. Additional charges apply for frame preparation (facing, reaming etc). £10 per item of preparation. Please note, there may also be additional charges for problematic cable routing.

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Bike Fitting - £40 (inc. cleats/pedals) - Nothing better than a properly fitting bike...

In cycling it's normal to spend many hours in the saddle in the same position. It's crucial, therefore, that your bike is fitted precisely to your body shape, to make sure that you're not only comfortable, but efficient and injury-free. Let Hart's Cyclery get busy with plum-line, spirit-level, goniometer, tape measure and turbo-trainer, so, that with you on your bike, everything's set-up just so. This service can be tailored for all types of bicycle (Road, touring, hybrid, MTB etc).

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Suspension Set-up - £30 - Get the most from your suspension...

Pre-load, sag, rebound damping, compression damping...confused? Most people just set-up their suspension somewhere in the middle and get on with riding - but why spend money on performance only to compromise it? Let Hart's Cyclery help you get the most out of your suspension by setting it up with you, taking into account your weight, riding style and prevailing riding conditions. We'll also give you top tips for on-the-fly adjustment to give you the confidence to take charge of your suspension.

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Repairs + Component Fitting - from £8

Repair Jobs
All repairs and fitting charges do not include cost of components and accessories(unless stated). For repair enquiries please phone/email. These prices are standalone job prices and may be subject to increase depending on how the bicycle presents.

Puncture repair (includes new tube) – £13
Tyre fitting – £8
Hub service (per hub, including balls) – £18
Cartridge bearing hub service (per hub, not including cost of bearings)- £18
Hub-gear service (SA, Nexus, Alfine etc) (includes greases and oil/ATF)- £30
Wheel true - from £10
Spoke replacement (per wheel) – £15 (1st spoke included; thereafter, £1 per spoke)
Disc brake bleeding (per brake, including fluid) – £16 for one £28 for 2
Disc calliper overhaul (per brake, includes bleeding) - £25
Headset replacement – £20
Bottom Bracket replacement – £20
Frame preparation (BB tap/face or headtube face/ream etc.) - £15
Unlisted jobs quoted on request.

Component and Accessory Fitting
Fork fitting (includes cutting, crown race and star nut fitting) – £25
Mudguards (full-length) – £16
Mudguards (clip-on) – £8
Bar tape – £12
Grips – £8
Individual gear and brake component fitting (eg cable, pads, rear derailleur, chain, brake calliper etc) - £10
All other components and accessories (eg lights, racks etc.) – £8
Unlisted work quoted on request at £50/hour (inclusive of VAT).

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Hart's Cyclery is pleased to offer tailored servicing solutions to help your business meet its transport aspirations.

Corporate Support
Cycling is the perfect way to promote a healthy lifestyle and carbon-free way for your workforce to commute. Why not really push cycling by getting Hart's Cyclery to spend a day at your work place servicing and repairing your staff's bikes? We can tailor our services to your exacting needs, from safety checks to full servicing. We can work at an hourly rate (£45/hour), or service bikes on a fully employee or fully employer funded basis, with anything in-between. Give cycling the boost it needs at your work place; get Hart's Cyclery to help.
Fleet Support
Hart's Cyclery is the ideal solution for maintaining your business's or organisation's bike fleet. We visit on-site and can provide a totally bespoke servicing schedule to account for your fleet's requirements.
Event Support
Race, Sportive, Enduro? Whatever event you're planning, and whatever types of bike are involved, make sure you've got the mechanical support your participants deserve with Hart's Cyclery's fully mobile workshop.

Call us for more information on any of the above services.

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