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253 St. John's Road, Edinburgh

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Our mission: to be a proper bike shop. What does that mean? Well, it means letting you borrow a pump or an allen key without causing a fuss; it means having a chat and having a laugh; it means understanding what it is that you need and want and making sure that we absolutely do our very best to give you that. Whether you're an avid cyclist or just a person who uses a bike, we'll do everything we can to keep you rolling smoothly and happily. Whether you're buying a kid's bike for Christmas, needing your daily machine serviced after one thousand miles of salty, dirty roads, or are after and exotic MTB or road bike build we're here for you.


Graeme Hart

Graeme Hart
Owner and Mechanic
Graeme rides road (2nd cat), MTB (Enduro), cross and is a full-time citizen cyclist.
Likes: Campagnolo, watching pro-cycling
Dislikes: Press-fit bottom brackets, straight-pull spokes
Can be found in the Shop: Monday-Saturday

Dougie Morgan
Dougie rides MTB, used to rip up Redbraes cycle speedway track and rides to the shop.
Likes: Clean bikes
Dislikes: Avid brakes
Can be found in the Shop: Monday-Friday

Cameron Webster

Cameron Webster
Known as: Spicy (ironic)
Shop Assistant
Cammy rides MTB (DH and Enduro) and is sometimes shamed into cycling to the shop.
Likes: Pinkbike videos
Dislikes: Deliveroo
Can be found in the Shop: Saturday

Craig Owen

Craig Owen
Known as: Mr Sheen (ironic)
Shop Assistant
Craig rides road (3rd cat), MTB (XC) and cross and rides to the shop when forced to...
Likes: Jose Hermida Ramos
Dislikes: Sven Nys' retirement
Can be found in the Shop: Wednesday, Saturday

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